Loading Clojure code with java.util.ServiceLoader

This blog post is also available in Swedish here. Here’s something we learned when working on the game engine for the Citerus coding challenge CrazySnake (in Swedish). Maybe some of our findings about class loading in Clojure and usage of ServiceLoader will be useful for someone out there, so I thought I’d share them. The [...]

Building with Tycho – part 2 (RCP applications)

Building RCP applications (products) have always been quite smooth when working from within Eclipse IDE. To me, it is extremely important that the development team can easily build their product and have continuous integration of the product on a CI server such as Hudson. Previously, PDE build have been the way to build RCP applications [...]

Building with Tycho – part 1 (OSGi bundles)

Maven is as many of us know a good tool for managing dependencies between components. However, when developing OSGi bundles or Eclipse plugins, we typically want to specify our dependencies as imported/exported packages in our Manifest. This has caused trouble for headless building of OSGi bundles for some time although there exist some solutions such [...]

Integral calculation (with Simpson’s method) in Clojure

Inspired by the latest renaissance of functional programming, I decided to take on some real-world examples of calculations using Clojure. This is an exercise from the book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. There is a method for numeric integration called Simpson’s rule which can be used to approximate the integral of a given function [...]

Fixed-point calculations (and square roots) in Clojure

I’m currently reading “The interpretation and structure of computer programs”, (which by the way is a really joyful read) and I felt an urge to try the examples in a more “modern” language than Lisp. Clojure seemed like a nice fit since it is a Lisp and also runs on the JVM which makes the [...]